Tactical Firearms Training

Introduction Combat Pistol

Course consists of instruction on safe use and handling, fundamentals of marksmanship, loading and reloading for speed and efficiency, presentation from the draw and concealment, malfunction clearing, and live fire exercises designed to improve the students understanding of their handgun and their capabilities. This course is a bridge between CCW and the advanced pistol tactics 1 course. It doesn’t cover topics of movement, alternate positions, or stress induction drills.
Length of course is 4+ hours

Items required for completion of the course

  • Firearm – Semi-automatic or revolver in proper working condition. Semi-automatic’s must have at least three magazines (or at least 30 rounds of capacity or more), revolvers must have speed loaders with the ability to load 30 rounds (without this you will fall behind). It would be preferred that you have more, as you will learn and enjoy the course more
  • Ammunition – 300 rounds of handgun ammunition (for this course .22 caliber plinking guns are not allowed.
  • Concealable holster – Due to concerns with the safety of the shooter and others in the class, shoulder holsters, cross draw, serpa type, and pocket carry holsters are not allowed for use in the class. We will cover these as a lecture topic (except Serpa’s they aren’t allowed), therefore if you carry this way then bring them as part of the lecture and you will be allowed to dry fire or train with them cold (no ammo) only during the class, but bring another holster for the main/live fire portion of the class.
  • Concealable type magazine pouch – Just like it sounds (no competition style pouches), you can draw your extra magazine from a pocket but I promise you that you will not like it or be as efficient as a pouch.
  • Concealment – Shirt, vest, jacket, etc. is required for concealing gun during the course.
  • Hearing protection – Wrap around or foam ear protection is acceptable.
  • Eye protection – Shatter proof lens that cover the entire eye socket area. (This is required)
  • Attire – Appropriate clothing for the environment, brimmed hat, shirt, shorts or pants.  Ladies I wouldn’t wear loose fitting tops as hot brass going down your shirt doesn’t feel good. The range is outdoors.
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Proper attitude – Willingness to learn, Focused on Safety
  • Cleaning/Maintenance Gear for your weapons system
  • Course fee – $100 Cash or Check, $50 deposit is required at the time of reservation.