Tactical Firearms Training

Carbine Rifle I

Course Overview and Requirements

Course consists of safety brief, live fire drills, and room clearing (NOTE: This course is intensive there will be some physical exertion)

Length of course is 8+ hours

Items required for completion of the course

  • Firearm – Semi-automatic carbine rifle (M16/AR15, Ruger Mini 14/30, AK/MAK Variants only) in proper working condition. Semi-automatic’s must have at least three magazines, it would be preferred that you have more, as you will learn more and have more fun doing
  • Sling – Single or two point slings are preferred over three points
  • Firearms – Semi-automatic of revolver handgun to include holster, minimum of 2 magazines or speed loaders and mag/speed loader pouch (go semi auto handgun please)
  • Ammunition – 600 rounds for Carbine, 200 rounds for handgun
  • Hearing protection – Wrap around or foam ear protection is acceptable.
  • Eye protection – Clear lens only. (This is required during steel target shooting)
  • Attire – Appropriate clothing for the environment, brimmed hat, shirt, shorts or pants.  Ladies I wouldn’t wear loose fitting tops as hot brass going down your shirt doesn’t feel good. The range is outdoors.
  • Knee Padding – If your tough you won’t need this but it will make the course more enjoyable
  • Proper attitude – Willingness to learn, Focused on Safety
  • Cleaning/Maintenance Gear for your weapons system
  • Course fee – $250 Cash or Check