Tactical Firearms Training

Concealed Carry Workshop

Workshop Overview and Requirements

Course consists of hands on instruction, live fire and simulation practice drills, as well as force on force senario based training.

NOTE: These reoccurring short workshops are designed to continue the education of the concealed carrying public. This is not an advanced pistol class or a certification type event (this will NOT certify you for concealed carry for any state).  The sole purpose of this class is to broaden the knowledge of the individual carrying a concealed firearm in the latest methods and technics of concealed carry.

Length of workshops are 2 hours minimum

Items required for completion of the course

  • Firearm – Either a revolver or semi-automatic in proper working condition. Semi-automatic’s must have at least one magazine, it would be strongly preferred that you have more, as you will learn more and have more fun doing so. Speedloaders for your revolver is preferred but are not required.  For maximum benefit you should be using the firearm and holster that you use to carry the gun.
  • Concealment holster – Holster for the firearm you are shooting.
  • Ammunition – minimum of 150 rounds total per shooter (no unsafe ammunition that you dug out of grandpa’s footlocker, as we will not have time for you to run to the store and pick up more ammo if/when the ammo fails to fire or function in your weapon.)  It is preferred that each shooter bring at least 50 extra rounds in case additional individual training is needed.
  • Hearing protection – wrap around muffs or foam ear protection is acceptable.
  • Eye protection – sunglasses or perscription glasses will work as long as they cover your eyes and are impact resistent.
  • Attire – Each participant must have a long sleeved shirt and long pants for certain types of training.  Additionally appropriate clothing for the environment, brimmed hat, shirt, shorts or pants.  No loose fitting or tank tops as hot brass going down your shirt doesn’t feel good. The range is outdoors in the real world.
  • Proper attitude – Willing to learn, Focused on Safety
  • Course fee – Individual workshop is $50 Cash**, Check or Paypal
  • $25 (NON REFUNDABLE) deposit is required to secure your spot, that deposit can be via cash, check, or Paypal (before you just mail in a check please call or email to insure there is a spot available)
  • Yearly Workshop Course fee – While customers can attend individual workshops at $50 per session, a yearly workshop package is available with unlimited workshop attendances for $400 per person.
    ** There will be different Workshop every month that will be held on a rotating basis that will continue to expose weaknesses and challenge the participants.