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Americansnipers.org Benefit Bowling Pin Shoot

Americansnipers.org Benefit Bowling Pin Shoot

Americansnipers.org Benefit Bowling Pin Shoot

October 27th, 2012 from 08:30 AM to finish Maximum Life Expectancy LLC and Ammu-Nation LLC Shooting Range will be hosting a Benefit Tactical Bowling Pin Shoot.  Early registration fee is $30 per shooter up to October 20th.  After the 20th registration fee is $40.  This year there is a bonus run option that can be purchased for an additional $20.

All proceeds will go to support Americansnipers.org which is a great organization that supports active duty snipers in Iraq, Afganistan, and around the globe in the fight against those Scumbag American hating terrorists!  Since shortly after 9/11 AmericanSnipers.org have supported in excess of 150 platoons of snipers with mission essential equipment that they couldn’t get through the normal chain of military command.  This equipment ranges from weapons magazines that are in short short supply to body armor and plate carriers that will allow a sniper more flexibility to get into shooting positions.  Americansnipers.org is a great organization made up almost exclusively of former military and police snipers. This cause started just to meet the needs of a couple brothers in harms way that were seriously short of what they needed to take the fight to the enemy.  If you want to show your support of some of the best terrorist killers in the world, while having a good time show up shoot and/or donate to the cause.   As FYI we are still looking for sponsors for the event so if you or your business are interested in supporting in any way please call me at 417-434-4518 or by email at grant@maxlifex.com.

Overview and rules of the event….

Each Shooter will have 3 timed runs at a minimum of 6 bowling pins (NOTE: there is a bonus round option that allows the purchaser to get an extra crack at the pins in hope of moving up in the leader bracket.

To complete a run the shooter must knock each of the pins off the table top or stand.  Once the last pin is removed from the table their time will be recorded.  The two fastest times will be added to together and the ranking will be formed from those times.

No tricked out or optically sighted firearms are allowed, Stock magazines are allowed (No Extended magazines).

Pistols only no rifles or multi pellet or projectile firing weapons.

Distance to the targets is 5-15 yards.

Prizes will be awarded to the 3 fastest shooters or if more sponsors and prizes are available then to finishers until prizes run out.


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