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Just wanted to say thanks again for a great course. I fielded many questions today about how things went and when the next course would be available. I believe we already have enough interested individuals for Pistol Tac I.



Just saw the pics from last weekend’s class….now I have proof! Alan and I are grateful for your excellent patience and thorough instruction. We had a blast! I have been shopping,too… 🙂

Thanks so much!



M’lle and I wanted to thank you for a great CCW class last weekend. Your teaching style was exactly what we needed. The class size was perfect, which allowed personal interaction and instruction. It was very beneficial and I alerady see an increase in M’lle’s confidence and desire to “get a bigger gun”. We will share our experience with anyone that asks and will definitely send additional students your way.

Thanks again, Alan.


Well I thought I’d write to you so you can put a little something more on your “I love me wall” or as you so professionally named it “Customer Testimonials” forum. HAHA!

Well, as you know, I am currently in the United States Marine Corps. 0311 Infantry Rifleman.

I have had quite extensive training with a pistol before in the Corps. However, when it came to your course Grant- it was definitely above par. A good portion of your course of fire is on track, (and scared to say) if not better than the Corps course of fire. As you well know- the situations we confront in combat elsewhere in the world, are very similar to the situations we may confront here in our own backyard in the US, sadly enough.

Keep up the good work my friend and keep us all posted on your advanced courses and let me know if you ever need to be shown how to shoot! I’m sure we may be able to figure something out. HAHA!

Semper Fi brother!


(Mark is referring to my CCW course)

I am writing you now for two reasons. First of all I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your course. I have been carrying for about a year and a half now and have had the chance to interact with several other CCW holders in that time. I can tell you from first hand experience that your class has made me much more prepared and knowledgeable then what has been reported by others. The small class size and hands on exercises were a big plus. I recommend your class to everyone that I can and I would love to attend one of your advanced classes at some point in the future.

The other reason that I am writing is that I am in the market for a good flashlight and I noticed that you are an authorized Fenix dealer. I have read some good reviews about Fenix lights so I thought I would inquire for products and pricing. I am looking for a light that puts out about 200 lumens and uses AA or AAA batteries rather then CR123A. It seems like I read somewhere that Fenix has a model that uses AA and is capable of 200 lumens. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks again


Just wanted to say thanks for the great job!!! The class I took from you was very instructional. The amount of information that I received from you in one day would have taken me a lifetime to learn on my own.

Thanks again.



Just wanted to thank You for your time on march 12th and 13th. I could’nt have had a better time, and your class and teaching style are awesome. Your patience and attention to detail, especially with the less experienced are great. You have found the perfect mixture of fun and usefullness in your course. Thank You again and I hope to see You again soon for an advanced course. I will also definately send My wife to You for her training.

Thanks. Adam


I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your time on Saturday. I really appreciate that you took the time to work with me individually. As I’m sure Don told you, I’d never really shot a gun before. I was very nervous and intimidated before, but I feel like I learned a lot from you and I know I am more confident with my gun. I’m even looking forward to shooting it again!

Again, thank you so much for your time!!



Great class and a very good product both in classroom and on the range !! From a true novice on handguns, the different shooting techniques and tactics you offer us is very beneficial towards comfort and confidence in handling a weapon. These techniques give your students a basis for practice on their own that otherwise we wouldn’t have making us more proficient.

Thanks again !!



A big thank you, your class was very good. Well run good clear instructions,time flew. I am thinking about the advanced class. Maby I can get Pat to come also.



Your Advanced Pistol Course I the 23rd May was really great. As before, you gave us a lot of great information and practical drills to help us improve our skills,if we want to take the time and continue to practice these drills. You do a great job presenting and explaining the drill and it’s purpose,so that even a newbie to the handgun side of shooting understands the purpose of the drill. You do a great job of making the class fun, while always stressing the great importance of firearm safety at the same time. If you do decide to do an Advanced Pistol II, I know that I will be interested in taking it.

Roy V. Gadget Guy of the XD crew

Grant, I enjoyed the class on the 28th of March, even though the weather didn’t co-operate in the best we can’t always have a perfect day. You made me think about a lot of different aspects of shooting (Who knew I could shoot left handed?). I am looking forward to the advanced class.

#3 of the XD crew, Jim

Grant, Just a quick note to tell you that I really enjoyed your CCW class the 28th March. I walked away from your class with a lot of information. The drills you showed to us are definitely more practical and geared toward real life situations than just shooting holes in a target at 7yds like others just do for the class. I can’t hardly wait for the 23rd of May for the Advanced class. I know I’m not really up to the level that most instructors would consider someone needs to be for that type of class, but I know I’ll leave the class with more knowledge and techniques that will greatly benefit me. The rain, sleet, and snow made the range time very interesting. But in my opinion, not one of us in the class really cared about the weather after we got started. We were all to interested in the drill at the time and with what the next drill would be. I will definitely recommend your class to anyone that asks about a CCW class. Thanks again, Roy ************ 1/3 of the XD Amigos
Hey Grant,

I took your course on the 20th of Dec, Loved it!! Anyway, you mentioned some advanced courses, not that im advanced yet but Im always trying to learn! I wasnt sure if that was something you were planning on getting started right away or something you’ll get to in the future. No biggie either way. Im interested in more more more!!

Thanks for your time!

Hope your Christmas went great! Have a safe new year!




We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on Sat.

Will tell all our friends and relatives what a great job you did! Thanks for serving our country and our community!

God Bless,



I would like to thank you for the exceptional education I received on Dec. 20. It was a bit cold but that made the experience that much more memorable.

Also, please keep me in mind if you decide to give an advanced shooting class.

Best regards,