Tactical Firearms Training

Armed Citizen Stories

Charles Place was walking in a restaurant parking lot when a man snuck up behind him grabbed him and reach for his wallet unfortunately for the suspect the 83-year-old man was in no mood to become a victim. Police said he resisted and was knocked to the ground. That’s when Place drew is 25 caliber semi-automatic handgun, for which he has a permit to carry. He showed his assailant the gun and demanded to be left alone. The suspect fled but was followed by a witness who helped police make the arrest.
Two men armed with mace seemed to think they could take advantage of and unsuspecting target. Police said they kicked in a 79-year-old man’s door, and one suspect sprayed him with the mace while the second suspect viciously punched him. Then something in the suspects hadn’t planned for occurred: the elderly man drew a gun, opened fire and badly injured both suspects. They ran from the home and collapsed outside one suspect was arrested; his accomplice died.