Tactical Firearms Training

About Us

Grant LaVelle

Lead Instructor/Owner 

My name is Grant LaVelle, I am the owner of Maximum Life Expectancy I started teaching Marksmanship and firearms skills in 1992 after completing the Marksmanship Instructor School at Camp Lejeune, NC while serving in the United States Marine Corps.  After leaving the Corps in 1994, I started a career in law enforcement and continued to use the skills learned.  Along the way I have taken numerous advanced instruction courses to improve my skills as I served in a variety of roles from Patrol, Investigations Bureau, SWAT, Sniper and Range Officer.  While still in law enforcement I began working for MSSU as a Firearms Instructor for the Regional Police Academy and was their first instructor for MSSU’s CCW program.  In 2008 I decided it was time to start my own business in order to offer citizens with a better alternative to the normal training product available. I consider it an honor to provide you with quality firearms training.

Adjuct-Instructor Jake Moore



My name is Jacob Moore.  I grew up in Joplin and played football at Joplin High School. In 2008 I enlisted in the Marine Corps and was a Recon Marine for four years.  While a Recon Marine, some of the training I completed included the following : Special Operations Training Group CQB team member, Breacher, Combatant Diver, Airborne, S.E.R.E., and Pre-Sniper. I was the lead breacher of the Maritime Raid Force on the 11th MEU and operated in the Gulf of Aiden and the straight of Hormuz. I helped instruct the Cambodian National Counter-Terrorism Special Forces, Jordanian Commandos, and ROK Marines in marksmanship, close quarters battle, and breaching. I am now back in Joplin and willing to help share my knowledge, experience and training in any way that might protect you or your loved ones.


Company History

After nearly 20 years of training for other organizations I’ve had moments that I’ve felt the approach to training was minimal.  So in January of 2008 I officially opened Maximum Life Expectancy.  The name is the purpose and the purpose is to provide you with quality firearms training that exceeds the minimum at reasonable prices.  Lets be real. Do you want to perform at a minimum?  You will if all you ever do to train to the minimum.  I want you and your loved ones to be prepared to survive a life threatening encounter if need be or to just feel comfortable with a firearm. That takes training and training that isn’t just going through the motions.