Tactical Firearms Training

Firearms Training and Essentials

Realistic Training For The Real World

In the real world the minimum doesn't guarantee survival. That's why our courses are intensive because your survival is our number one goal!

Limited Class Sizes and Maximum Hands On

With handgun class sizes limited on the range you get extensive hands on with answers to all your questions. Why pay for less, when you can get more for your money.

Firearms Training Courses Offered

    + Missouri Approved Concealed Weapon Safety Courses
    + Advanced Combat Pistol Tactics I, II, & III
    + Intermediate Rifle/Shotgun
    + Scoped Rifle
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Who We Are

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Joplin and Southwest Missouri's Premier Training Provider

Grant LaVelle

We can provide CCW, tactical, and firearms training for counties outside the SW Missouri area also. Contact us for more information.

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American Snipers

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American Snipers is a non profit organization started by a friend of mine to provide specialized gear to American snipers and designed marksmen in harms way. I personally have seen the good this organization does. Don't forget the men that are defending your freedom. Support the troops is more than a slogan on a bumper sticker.

About Me

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My name is Grant LaVelle, and it would be my honor to provide you with quality firearms training. I want you and your loved ones to be prepared to survive a life threatening encounter if need be or to just feel comfortable with a firearm. Read more about Maximum Life Expectancy and the training that we provide. Read More

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